Non-fiction children's books - with lively fiction

I am Suvi Vehmanen (ex. Vanhanen), author of books and a freelance journalist with an academic degree (Master of Science, M.Sc. in Botany and Ecology) and examinations in journalism and writing.

In my non-fiction books I am crossing borders by mixing fiction, fairy-tale and poetry into my writing. My books cover many aspects of nature and biology: plants and animals in their natural environments, ecosystem function and ethnobiological connections. Finnish folklore like Kalevala and Kanteletar have often inspired me in my writing. Here you can find a list of my books.

My journalistic writings have been published in several Finnish magazines and newspapers.

In my illustration work I apply aquarelle techniques. I have illustrated books, e.g. Lapsen oma luontokirja and Lapsen oma vesikirja (both in Finnish) together with illustrator Laila Nevakivi. Take a look at my illustrations.

If you have any comments, questions or inquiries, please contact.

Suvi Vehmanen
Presidentinpuistokatu 29 B 11, FI-28130 PORI FINLAND
mobile +358 41 547 5529

Amaranthus, amaranth (in Finnish amarantti), is a plant genus and source of nutritious grain, beautiful ornamentals and the unwithering flower of the ancient Greeks.

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